Your staff’s most powerful business tool could be their voice

Imagine a company where…

Every corporate PowerPoint presentation is interesting and well-structured and people put passion , clarity and energy into all their talks and meetings 

Research shows that your facial expression, smile, eye contact, the posture you adopt and the way you dress all have a subtle – yet staggering – effect on how persuasive you are. It’s not only the words that deliver your message.

That’s why organisations such as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, broadcasting companies, City lawyers, accountants and teachers [link to Teachers] all choose Sound Perfect to help them enhance their performance. Book now for your free half hour consultation. link

Using your voice effectively will help you engage and inspire your customers and your team

Cheryl will show you and your team how to:

  • Avoid the dreaded PowerPoint ‘bullet point’ trap, use more effective language and deal with the practicalities of holding notes while you speak
  • Get rid of tightness and tension and deliver a message with energy, clarity and warmth
  • Speak with greater flow – without hesitation or unnecessary ‘filler words’
  • Stay calm while coping with a dry mouth and sweaty palms
  • Influence and move your audience into decisive action
  • Harness the power of a well-timed pause…

Your staff will then:

  • Feel more comfortable taking risks
  • Negotiate more effectively with suppliers
  • Sell products, services and ideas more easily to customers and other people in your team
  • Relish getting up to speak at events and meetings and display a new willingness to volunteer for things
  • Get more from seminars and conferences by having the courage and projection to ask questions and enter into debate
  • Demonstrate greater potential and grow professionally through the process

From the boardroom through to call centre staff, simply let your voice be your most powerful tool

We work on a one-to-one basis as well as with small groups. We use video for feedback, and each session is tailor-made to your requirements