Thank you once again for your contribution to the project. It was amazing watching Arshad (aged 17) on film – his personality has changed and he was so confident in his presentation.”

Sue Quinn, Project Manager, Living Archive

Living Archive

“The most valuable lesson I have learned from Cheryl is to have the confidence to express myself fully, and this has made public speaking an integral part of my working life.”

Sonia Coleman, Chief Executive, D&P Consultants

D&P Consultants

‘Already feeling better about things. I must say, you are very inspirational’

‘’To engage with an audience whether giving a speech or chairing a meeting, one must first understand the rules of engagement…To ’be’ engaging is a primary aim and by reviewing the film of my first attempt compared to the refined delivery I happily award the credit to Cheryl. It seems the ability is certainly within all of us, but it is discovering not only where within us this ability is hidden, but also enabling the speaker to relax and paint a verbal picture with style, finesse, good humour and absolute consideration for the audience. Looking forward to continuing to develop these skills’’

Neil Waterman Recent Head of Planning and Control, Red Bull racing

Red Bull racing

‘’When presenting, I now feel much more expressive and confident. More importantly, I know I will be understood and have stopped hiding my voice and using dialect.’’

Chris T. Cranfield MBA student


MBA student

‘’Cheryl gives you 100 percent from the moment you step through her door until the moment you leave’’

Her energy and passion for her subject are infectious, and you can’t help but enjoy learning with her’’

Stuart Boorman


Stuart Boorman

‘’ Thank you very much for the three voice coaching sessions. I found them extremely helpful and useful’’

Roksolana Petrushak , consultant with GSK