Unlock your natural, powerful voice!

Do you run out of breath, tremble or find your voice squeaks? Do you lose your voice, mumble or gabble? Do you sound nasal or clench your jaw? 

Your voice developed naturally from the moment you were born. But life’s stressful events may have caused you to constrict.

Find your real sound – and be free

Perhaps you sound timid or aggressive. You may be preparing for a specific event and need an easier speaking voice.

I support you as you explore your real sound and its release. With the right coaching, you can deal with it now! We help you to let it happen, rather than make it happen.

When you rediscover your natural voice, it’s liberating!

Cheryl will take you through a range of remedial techniques and exercises to tune and explore your voice in different ways.

  • Adopt good posture from head to foot – it’s fundamental in helping to create a free sound
  • Overcome problems with foreign accents and general articulation
  • Connect more easily with people
  • Inject energy and enthusiasm
  • Let your nerves work for you!

“Cheryl has an abundance of energy which she uses to gain maximum participation from the course members. Not only does she know her subject, but she has the ability to communicate with enthusiasm and humour. This combination makes her an excellent trainer. How many trainers are given a standing ovation at the end of a one-hour session!”

Tony Handy, Effective Speaking Ltd


Individual and small group coaching with Cheryl is always inspirational and great fun, and often has life-changing results. You will be more energised, more at ease with yourself – and will enjoy the knock-on health benefits from getting the endorphins working!

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